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Over 300+ senior executives from across the upstream industry completed the survey and the result have been compiled into one comprehensive report. The report provides unrivalled insight into the key trends in data and analytics in oil and gas production right now.

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By downloading the survey results you will get exclusive insights into…
  • How investing in digital, data and analytics and can enable better decision making, operational efficiently and production optimisation

  • From AI and Machine Learning to predictive analytics, the top technologies which are likely to transform your operations

  • Insights into future predicted investment into digital and predictive analytics in oil and gas.

You can download the survey using the form on the right >>>

Key stats from the survey include:
  • 90% respondents believe that digital transformation will extend the productive life of their North Sea operations.

  • 65% respondents stated that their top reason for investing in data and analytics is to improve operational efficiency.

  • Advanced/ Predictive Analytics was voted the most transformative analytics tool

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North Sea Data Driven Production Survey 2017: The future of data and analytics in North Sea production
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